Holidays and weight gain

So the time for the Holidays is coming. Soon we will see piles of sweets and candies being presented at every turn. We are told “you deserve it” as we are handed more and more. This is the time I like to reflect on what my long term health goals are. Think about where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, 30 years. Then, ask yourself “does this piece of candy help me achieve that goal?” I am all for cutting loose every now and then, but it can really get out of hand during the holidays. If you want some dessert on Thanksgiving or Christmas then help yourself, just don’t shovel the sweets down your throat for an entire month leading up to that Holiday. I encourage all of my patients to find a commitment buddy. Stay committed to each other and encourage each other to stay the course. Continue exercising, receiving chiropractic adjustments, and save the sweets for the Holiday itself. You’d be surprised what a positive and supportive attitude can help you achieve. Best of health during this challenging time of year.

Decreasing Stress

Here is a list of easy to implement stress reduction techniques. I hope this helps…

Simple Ways to Decrease Stress

Relax Your Body
Your body is your temple and can easily get run down by stress, strain and struggle so:

* Get good sleep
* Chiropractic adjustments
* Massage
* Yoga
* Rigorous and regular exercise
* Eat Healthy Foods

Refresh Your Mind
Your mind is your guide, it can easily get distracted and off course so:
* Take long walks
* Spend time in nature the average person is outside only 17 minutes per day
* Read inspirational messages
* Learn new things
* Talk with a good friend
* Play with a dog or cat. Pet owners live longer and have fewer stress symptoms. * Therapy or personal coaching on a regular basis

Rejuvenate Your Spirit
Your spirit can easily be forgotten in the busyness of life so:
* Meditate 10-30 minutes per day
* Pray
* Sing & dance, people swear by the power of music to release tension and stress

* Consciously slow down
* Be fully present
* Know and live by your values and beliefs
* Surround yourself with supportive, loving and accepting people

Stress-Free Activities
* Connect with nature, it restores homeostasis to your system.
* Make a list of your favorite things. Read it when you feel down.
* Rely on friends and animals, they are great sources of support.
* Create a pleasure drawer. Stock your drawer with personal momentos or simple indulgences: favorite scents, textures and tastes to create your own multi-sensory stress-relief treatments. * Deep breathe. This will soothe your nerves, it sends oxygen to your brain and refreshes your mind. Inhale through your nose and count to 8. Fill your belly not your chest with air. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 10-15. Repeat 5-10 times per hour until you feel calmer. * Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for stress. Find humor in the situation. Smile often.
* Imagine. Use visualization and guided imagery to take your mind off the situation.

More Ways To Decrease Stress!

1. Yell! But—be sure you are alone. The best place is in the car with the windows up. Stuck in traffic? Try it.

2. Do something soothing. Start or try an activity like knitting, crochet or pottery. Don’t worry about being good at it. It’s the process that’s beneficial. Sitting still while performing repetitive movements is calming and stabilizing for many people. It can be a good time to collect your thoughts.

3. Start a garden. Even apartment-dwellers can do this. Tending plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and watching them grow, bloom or yield food is rewarding. Avid gardeners say working a garden is the best way to control stress and worry. An added benefit is the creation of a more beautiful, restful environment.

6. Gaze at the stars. Preferably in a still, dark and quiet area, sit back and observe the heavens. The vastness of space is awesome. This way can make a lot of problems seem very small.

7. Focus on the things you can change and do not worry about the rest
8. Eliminate stress by decreasing your activities and/or responsibilities
9. Do not over commit, manage your time, avoid rushing from place to place 10. Focus on the positive
11. Do not gossip
12. Be tolerant of others
13. Be giving & forgiving
14. Don’t speed
15. Turn off your TV, do not watch the news, read & play games instead
16. Hug at least 5 people a day

Holiday Stress

We all deal with stress. The Holidays seem to increase stress for everyone. Remember what stress is: a physiological state that has repercussions. Stress elevates stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Long-term release of such hormones can lead to poor immune system function, decreased critical thinking, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, and undesired weight gain. It is crucial to understand that stress requires your attention, and it requires that attention on a regular basis. During this stressful Holiday season, remember to keep up with your regular chiropractic and massage care. Regular exercise is also crucial during this time of year. It will also keep you eating healthier. We all know how easy it is to eat cookies, pie, etc around Christmas. It is in every store you go to! Celebrate this Holiday season by honoring your body. I’m not saying don’t have a little treat. I’m just saying don’t have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your body will thank you.

Stress and its effects

The American Institute of Stress released a study in 2006 on workplace stress. Businesses lose of $300 billion annually due to health care costs and missed work. They also stated that 90% of diseases that threaten our health are stress-related. The Lluminari Landmark Study of 2004 reveals that work stress doubles our risk of cardiovascular problems, doubles our risk of anxiety and depression, doubles our risk of substance abuse, triples our risk of infectious diseases, triples our risk of back pain, triples our risk of injuries, and creates a 5-fold increase in our risk of cancer. Needless to say, with this overwhelming data, Americans need to better manage their stress. Remember, stress is not some abstract thing. Stress is a physiological response by our body. We must learn to manage our stress and do something with the energy it creates in order to avoid any harmful side effects. Here are some simple suggestions to manage your stress: Exercise, stretch, breath, eat healthy, take a break, enjoy a massage, and receive regular chiropractic care. Most of us have experienced the benefit of exercising. When we are stressed, this is even more important. Reaching for a beer and sitting down to watch TV does nothing but make the situation worse. Instead, try going for a nice hike, take a yoga class, or an exercise class. The key is to get the sweat flowing and the heart pumping. Stress is a physical energy. You need to use it up and you might as well get healthy while you are doing that. Breathing is also extremely important during stressful times. If you are overwhelmed, STOP, and take 10 deep breaths. We tend to breathe shallower when we are stressed. Decreased oxygen in the blood can lead to increases in free radicals in our body, which attack our tissue and can age us faster. Americans are terrible at taking breaks. This is so important. Even if it is 10 minutes every 1-2 hours. Just go outside and tune out for 10 minutes. Massage is another great way to decompress from stress. Massage is phenomenal at increasing blood flow to our tissues, increasing the release of endorphins, decreasing blood pressure, and improving lymphatic circulation; all of which help decrease stress and improve health. Regular chiropractic care is the icing on the cake. Keeping your spine healthy and moving makes sure your nerve system is firing on all cylinders. Remember, the nerve system controls everything in your body. Your heart, liver, lungs, muscles, yep…all controlled by your nerve system. If the spine moves out of its natural alignment and puts pressure on your nerve system then the body won’t work at its very best. This is why so many who are under regular chiropractic care are able to adapt to stress better. Their nerve system is working at 100% and is able to coordinate and adapt to daily stressors. I hope this list helps you all better understand how to combat stress in your life. I look forward to serving you at The Chiropractic Place.

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