Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy: Helping Turn Breech Babies

As a Chiropractor in Redding CA, working with pregnant women is by far the most rewarding thing I have done. I get to witness the healthy development of a new life. The feedback from this group of women has been nothing short of amazing. They don’t feel as tired, they don’t experience a lot of morning sickness, their pain levels are way down, their births are much smoother, etc. Every now and then I have an expecting mom with a breech baby. This means that the baby is not exactly in the correct position before labor, which can increase labor time and labor pain. Sometimes the baby gets stuck and requires a C-section in order to protect the mother and new baby from harm. This can be the exception however. There is a technique in chiropractic known as The Webster Technique. This simple, painless procedure helps take stress off of the mom’s ever expanding uterus, thereby allowing the baby to properly move and turn. Just this week I have been working on an expecting mom who is due in a couple of days. Her baby hadn’t turned. We did The Webster Technique and that baby turned into proper position in just 10 minutes! We were all very excited. I continue to check her every day to make sure she is ready when the time comes. If you know an expecting mom, have her give us a call. Chiropractic can offer so much during this time of massive change in her body.

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