Holidays and weight gain

So the time for the Holidays is coming. Soon we will see piles of sweets and candies being presented at every turn. We are told “you deserve it” as we are handed more and more. This is the time I like to reflect on what my long term health goals are. Think about where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, 30 years. Then, ask yourself “does this piece of candy help me achieve that goal?” I am all for cutting loose every now and then, but it can really get out of hand during the holidays. If you want some dessert on Thanksgiving or Christmas then help yourself, just don’t shovel the sweets down your throat for an entire month leading up to that Holiday. I encourage all of my patients to find a commitment buddy. Stay committed to each other and encourage each other to stay the course. Continue exercising, receiving chiropractic adjustments, and save the sweets for the Holiday itself. You’d be surprised what a positive and supportive attitude can help you achieve. Best of health during this challenging time of year.

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