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What is the primary function of iodine?

Iodine is primarily used as a building block of thyroid hormone. With proper amounts of iodine in your diet, your body may be able to make thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones regulate our metabolism and are essential for normal human function.

How is iodine important to the human body?

Iodine is important for brain health and thyroid health.



Importance Of Iodine

Now, I'll give you a history of this.

Back in the last century, we started discovering that people who had developed goiters had an iodine deficiency, and this was easily remedied when people began to put iodine into salt.

Salt is commonly used in people's daily routine with their food, so this would ensure that the population was getting enough iodine to support normal thyroid function.

The further inland you live, the less iodine naturally occurs in the soils and food.

If you live close to the coast, there's much more of an abundance of iodine in the soils, the seafood, and the beef raised there because the iodine can get into the grass.

But the further inland you live, the more likely you are to have some iodine issues, and iodine deficiencies can cause a number of different health problems, brain fog is one of them, mental issues, and the one that most people would understand is iodine is the building block of thyroid hormone.

If you don't have enough iodine in your diet, your body and thyroid gland will have trouble making thyroid hormones.

Signs of hypothyroidism are difficulty losing weight and fatigue.

These are signs that you're not getting enough iodine.

And I've run into this in my practice a number of times where patients had labs done.

They noticed, hey, my thyroid is under-performing.

It shows that I have low thyroid hormone, and they say I have hypothyroidism. I may need to start taking medication.

One of the things I've noticed now is that there's an increased popularity in people using Celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt.

If you read these bottles, it's pretty clear: it says, "This is not a source of iodine, a necessary nutrient."

And they have to put that on a label for a good reason: we need iodine as part of our diet, especially where we live; we're a little bit more inland.

We've seen dramatic results by telling people to use iodized sea salt instead of plain Himalayan sea salt or table salt, which doesn't contain iodine.

You need to have iodine.

And if you still want to use the Himalayan salt, ensure you mix it at least 50/50.

Still, I've had patients whose labs were completely normal within 3-6 months by making sure they were using iodized sea salt instead of any other sea salt that does not contain iodine.

So it's very important for thyroid function and metabolism; that's what the thyroid hormone does: it keeps our basal metabolic rate going—so it's very important to remember.

We've learned this lesson in the last century, and we're starting to see people drift away from it.

This is pretty sound advice to ensure you're getting enough iodine in your diet because of its major impact on your overall health.

I'm Dr Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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