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Can a pinched nerve cause pain down your arm?

A pinched nerve, especially in your neck or upper back, can cause pain down your arm.

How do you get rid of pinched nerve pain in your arm?

Chiropractic care, combined with stretches, massage, and home exercises, can help eliminate pinched nerve pain in your arm.

Is a pinched nerve in the arm serious?

A pinched nerve in the arm can be a sign of underlying changes in your spine. A chiropractic exam combined with X-rays will help determine what is causing your pinched nerve in the arm.

How do you know if arm pain is a pinched nerve?

The best way to know if a pinched nerve causes arm pain is to have a chiropractic exam and x-rays performed.



Symptoms Of Pinched Nerve In The Arm

This video is about a pinched nerve causing pain down the arm.

This can happen for different reasons, which is a prevalent thing we see in the office.

Somebody has this pinched nerve; they're getting radiating pain down the arm, perhaps tingling, numbness, or a burning, sharp pain from time to time. There are different styles of this and different reasons that this will happen.

A potential cause of a problem like this is something that we call thoracic outlet syndrome.

We can do certain orthopedic tests in the office to determine if this is the cause.

The good news is that with thoracic outlet syndrome, they'll typically respond in three to six visits for the patient, so there's usually a pretty quick fix for that—some exercises we can give, and we can get that doing better.

Another Cause of Pinched Nerve Down The Arm

Another cause for having that pinched nerve that shoots down the arm is possible arthritis in your neck or upper back.

If there are some long-term changes there, the good news is in our office.

We use digital X-rays to understand our patients' needs better, and usually, on those X-rays, we can spot this and say, Okay, we've got some changes in here.

We can work out some care plans for that patient.

Usually, arthritis in the neck and upper back responds well to chiropractic care so that we can improve that pain down the arm.

Usually, in this situation, we're looking for changes within three to four weeks.

We see some improvements, so that's the second possibility.

A third possibility is a disc problem in the lower neck and possibly the upper back.

More commonly, it will be in the lower neck, creating pain shooting down the arm.

These patients typically take a long time to heal depending on the disc injury, so this typically takes longer than this here, and usually, in patients like this, the pain is typically worse in the morning.

It gets better throughout the day with them moving around.

The pain down the arm can increase when they cough or sneeze or use the restroom and bear down, increasing the shooting pain.

So this situation takes longer than the previous two above.

Another one that can potentially cause this pinch nerve pain shooting down the arm feeling is a rib problem.

Now, in many cases, people who have never had a rib go out, this could feel like you're having a heart attack, like this can rock up, especially if it's on your left side and locks up.

That pain can shoot around to the front and your chest, causing pain down the arm, and people usually get pretty nervous about these.

I typically see some of these people who have already been to the ER and gotten a clean bill of health.

There's no heart problem, no heart attack, no issue, and usually, the doctor will mention, hey, this is a musculoskeletal issue.

Consider considering seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist.

These respond well to chiropractic care, so something very scary when you have those symptoms that can do quite well under chiropractic care.

Give Us A Call

But rest assured, with all four of these, we've seen all four of these, we know what to look for, and we can help guide you through that process.

So if you have any questions, give my office a call.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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