Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest problem with sugar?

Sugar is linked to a number of different health problems, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Why is sugar so addictive?

Sugar stimulates the pleasure centers in our brain, very much like other addictive substances.

What does sugar do to your nerves?

High blood sugar can damage the nerves, leading to nerve problems like peripheral neuropathy.

Can chiropractors help with blood sugar?

While chiropractors don’t directly treat blood sugar problems, chiropractors can help advise on nutritional and lifestyle changes to help bring blood sugar down.



Sweet Treat

Sugar has a number of different effects on our health, and we want to talk about that and help people fully understand what is happening in your body when you do that before they reach that sweet treat.

Effects Of Sugar In Health

Eating sugar can thicken our blood, so when it is thicker, it can raise our blood pressure, making our heart work harder.

So the number one cause of death in our country is still cardiovascular disease and heart-related health problems, so sugar can contribute to that by thickening the blood, making the cardiovascular system have to work harder than it should to get oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

So that's number one.

Number two, it spikes insulin, right? Any time we eat lots of sugar, our insulin goes through the roof, raising our blood sugar.

The insulin is trying to get the sugar out of your blood and get your cells to take it in.

Suppose you're constantly doing that cycle of always eating sugar, having sugar spikes, and releasing insulin to get it out of your bloodstream over time.

In that case, your cells can become insulin-resistant, meaning they will take the receptors out of the cell wall and say, “We're not taking any more sugar here."

We can't because it makes the cell sick.

So when you get that, the blood and the sugar stay in your blood longer.

You get high blood sugar for longer periods, creating more and more of a problem, eventually leading to things like diabetes, leading to things like obesity because if the cells won't take the sugar in, that sugar gets sent to the fat cells and gets made into body fat.

So we can get obese.

We can get diabetes.

This is not a recipe for long-term success for our health.

Number three, this increases inflammation.

Talk to anybody who's been pulled off sugar and eating a clean diet about how much less inflammation and joint pain they feel.

Increased clarity, not just inflammation in the joints, is common when people are eating sugar all the time.

When people start removing sugar and processed carbohydrates from their diet, they notice that they think clearly and are more clear-headed because sugar can also cause inflammation in the brain.

It can cause systemic inflammation throughout your entire body.

So that's a third thing: remove that, and you get that inflammation down and start feeling better.

Number four, it is addictive.

So, it is hard to let sugar go because sugar is very addictive.

We have done these studies.

We know it can be as addictive as cocaine.

That's how addictive sugar is.

How To Prevent Blood Sugar Spike

So one of the things, it doesn't mean you can't ever have carbohydrates, but sugar processed sugar, processed carbohydrates can have these effects on your body, so when people are consuming carbohydrates, go for the oatmeal, go for maybe some brown rice, have some fruits and vegetables.

Those are good sources of carbohydrates that tend to have less of a major spike in your blood sugar, but keeping an eye on your sugar intake, in general, is a good idea so we can avoid these negative effects of sugar.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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