Man with one of his hands on his back and the other hand on his leg as if in pain.


Have you ever felt shooting pain down the back of your leg? Sciatica is a common condition. This happens when there is irritation or inflammation around the sciatic nerve. Sometimes this condition is caused by a problem in the low back. It may also be caused by a tight muscle known as the piriformis.

Dr. Aaron has extensive post graduate training in treating sciatica. Whatever the cause of your sciatica, Dr. Aaron will help you with a care plan to get you out of pain. Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the worse sciatica can get.

Chiropractors have thousands of hours of training in diagnosing, treating, and eliminating these types of pain. On your first visit, Dr. Aaron will help determine the cause of your pain. This includes assessing the motion in all the joints in your leg.

Dr. Aaron will also check wear patterns on the bottom of your shoes to better understand how you are walking. Any muscle imbalances will be treated through manual adjustment if areas aren’t moving properly.

In addition to your in-office care, Dr. Aaron may also give you some home exercises or stretches or perform myofascial release techniques to speed up your recovery.

Schedule an appointment at The Chiropractic Place in Redding today to discuss the specifics of your condition.


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