Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main benefit of exercise?

Exercise affects every aspect of your health. It is important to get regular exercise to maintain good health.

How can physical exercise benefit social health?

Exercise improves self-esteem, increases empathy, and provides a sense of community.

Is it beneficial to workout everyday?

Working out everyday can provide immense health benefits. Be sure to take a rest day every week.

How long should a workout be?

Workouts should be at least 30 minutes.



Benefits of Exercise

I've done several videos on this topic, and I continue to come back to it because of how important it is to exercise regularly.

There are so many different benefits that help us throughout our lives that it would be crazy not to touch on this subject consistently.

Number one, just as a chiropractor, my patients who exercise regularly tend to get better results with their chiropractic care.

The reason is that they're doing things outside of the office to support spinal stability, help them adjust, and help circulate and keep their spine and joints moving.

That's one of the things that I've seen in my 17 years as a chiropractor.

Also, you notice that you have a better mood when you exercise.

When we're exercising consistently, it helps our body release endorphins, which help us feel better.

They've done studies on depression and exercise.

Regular exercise beats the top two antidepressants combined, meaning you have patients over here who exercise.

Patients taking two different antidepressants and the people who reported better improvement in their depression were the people who were exercising and taking no medication.

So that's an important thing to note.

It helps our mood.

It helps how we're doing day in and day out—less pain.

If we have any kind of arthritic changes or old traumas to the joints, we just feel better, and we have less pain when moving regularly.

So exercising consistently helps us achieve that—heart health.

Our cardiovascular health needs to be exercised consistently.

Most recommendations will say at least 30 minutes daily, preferably five days a week.

So, we're getting about 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.

You tend to see significant decreases in your cardiovascular risk.

If you combine that with a healthy diet, you'll see even more decreases in those risks of having cardiovascular problems.

And the other thing is it helps us retain muscle mass.

Exercising regularly helps us keep muscle mass around.

That's good for our joints.

It's good for our balance.

And as we age, the risks of falls and fractures increase.

So, the more muscle mass we can keep around by exercising, the better.

These benefits of exercise will help you, and hopefully, you can get back to doing your regular exercises.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seton with The Chiropractic Place.


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