Initial Consultation

If it’s your first time with us, we can’t wait to meet you. We consider our patients our friends and look forward to helping you achieve long-term health.

The cost of an initial chiropractic visit with Dr. Aaron includes a complete chiropractic care consultation, examination and first chiropractic adjustment. It’s important that we have enough time to do a thorough job, so make sure you book an appointment.

  • Initial Consultation: $99

Chiropractic Care – Wellness Plans

We offer accessible, affordable chiropractic care because we believe in long-term health. Ask us about our significant discounts on annual pre-pays! Our patients love our chiropractic flat rates but affordable pay-per-visit options are also available.

*12 month minimum commitment on our monthly wellness plans

Monthly Chiropractic Care Wellness Plans*

*12 month minimum

Annual Pre-Pays

  • $1285 Individual (additional 10% savings), 52 visits for the year
  • $1825 Couple (additional 10% savings), 104 visits for the year

Per-Visit Chiropractic Care

  • $45 per visit (individual)
  • $75 per visit (couple)
  • $120 per visit (family)


  • 10 Visits for $400 – $40 per visit ($50 savings!)
  • 20 Visits for $700 – $35 per visit ($200 savings!)

Massage Therapy

Massage helps release any toxins stored in soft tissue and is a perfect complement to chiropractic treatment for many different chiropractic conditions. We have a wonderful, spacious, and private massage suite where our team of certified massage therapists offers clinical and therapeutic massage. Our certified massage therapists are available seven days a week and are highly experienced in working with chiropractors. Give us a call and we will schedule your massage for you.

  • $120: 2 hour massage
  • $90: 1.5 hour massage
  • $70: 1 hour massage
  • $35: 30 minute massage

To schedule a massage please contact Careen at 912-346-2551

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office has a few different options. Per visit, our fee is $45. You can buy a package of 10 visits for $400 (saves $5 per visit) or a package of 20 visits for $700 (saves $10 per visit). These package visits never expire and can be used anytime. You can also share these packages with other family members. We also have a once a week plan for people to stay committed to their chiropractic care. That is $119/month with a 12-month contract. That drops the price per visit to under $30 per visit.

Our cash options make chiropractic care more than affordable. $45 per visit, a package of 10 visits for $400, And 20 visits for $700. Also once a week plans for individuals at $119/month and couples at $169/month. No insurance? No problem.

Different offices have different fee schedules. We want to be your go to office for chiropractic care. We keep chiropractic care more than affordable so we can take care of you for the long haul.

Medicare can help cover chiropractic costs, but you must be sure to visit a provider that's approved by the program. Doing so guarantees you receive the benefits and coverage you deserve!

Certain insurances help cover chiropractic care, but insurance companies are covering less and less chiropractic every year. Our affordable cash options make it easy to get the chiropractic care you need.


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