Initial Consultation

If it’s your first time with us, we can’t wait to meet you. We consider our patients our friends and look forward to helping you achieve long-term health.

The initial session with Dr. Aaron includes a complete chiropractic care consultation, examination and first chiropractic adjustment. It’s important that we have enough time to do a thorough job, so make sure you book an appointment.

  • Initial Consultation: $75

Chiropractic Care – Wellness Plans

We offer accessible, affordable chiropractic care because we believe in long-term health. Ask us about our significant discounts on annual pre-pays! Our patients love our flat rates but affordable pay-per-visit options are also available.

*12 month minimum commitment on our monthly wellness plans

Monthly Chiropractic Care Wellness Plans*

*12 month minimum

1 Visit per week

  • $99/mo Individual
  • $149/mo Couple
  • $199/mo Family

*Additional Visits $30

Annual Pre-Pays

  • $1,068 Individual
  • $1,668 Couple
  • $2,268 Family

*Additional Visits $30

Per-Visit Chiropractic Care

  • $40 per visit (individual)
  • $75 per visit (couple)
  • $90 per visit (family)


  • 10 Visits for $350 – $35 per visit ($50 savings!)
  • 20 Visits for $600 – $30 per visit ($200 savings!)

Massage Therapy

Massage helps release any toxins stored in soft tissue and is a perfect complement to chiropractic treatment for many different chiropractic conditions. We have a wonderful, spacious, and private massage suite where our team of certified massage therapists offers clinical and therapeutic massage. Our certified massage therapists are available seven days a week and are highly experienced in working with chiropractors. Give us a call and we will schedule your massage for you.

  • $120: 2 hour massage
  • $90: 1.5 hour massage
  • $70: 1 hour massage
  • $35: 30 minute massage


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Clinic Hours

Monday – Thursday
10:30am – 5:30pm
Closed Fridays and Weekends

Our Address

The Chiropractic Place
1123 Hilltop Drive
Redding CA, 96003