What Food Should I eat

Hello everybody, this is Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

Today is a good little reminder video about food.

It is very important that we understand the categories that we should focus on and those that we should try to avoid to be healthier.

That way, when making these food decisions, we do everything we can to live our healthiest and happiest lives.

So, with food, I'm typically trying to eat from this menu right here.

Now, with meats, if we're talking seafood, I want that seafood to be wild like wild salmon, wild halibut, wild cod.

I'm not touching farmed fish.

I just don't.

After all the documentaries we see on this and what they feed this stuff, it could be a better source of nutrition for us, so I avoid it and focus on wild seafood.

As far as other meats, if you're getting beef, try to do as grass-fed, grass-finished as you can. And we tell people to do that because you'll get more omega-3 fatty acids in the meat.

It will be healthier for you if those cows or deer eat fresh green grass as much as possible.

You want to put some grain in them.

Some people like that for the flavor, but I still encourage people who do that to ensure that cow or that deer, that heifer is out there on fresh pasture and eating hopefully healthy hay.

So you'll get a better quality product because what you eat gives you nutrition; if it's unhealthy, it's hard for you to be healthy.

You can also include organic chicken and other sources like turkey and lamb.

But looking for healthy, high-quality meats is an important diet part.

I also like eggs.

I get all my eggs from local producers here.

If you're buying something from the store, we're looking more toward the organic, free-range, hopefully pasture-raised hens that are allowed access.

They're eating grass, they're eating bugs that they find.

They have food as well, but they're allowed to forage.

That's also going to make the same as it does with beef, making the beef healthier when they're allowed to forage and graze.

The same is true with chickens and their eggs.

Those eggs are much healthier when those chickens can range around and find stuff to eat. It'll be a higher quality product for you.

For fruits and vegetables, I stay as organic as possible.

And if you have a good farmers market near you, that's another boost because those will tend to have more nutrition than if you're buying something commercially produced at the store.

So eating this stuff is very important.

And then I also include some dairy. I use raw dairy products. We have a great raw dairy up here where I live, and I'll take that milk, and I'll make what's called kefir, and it's cultured milk, it's almost like yogurt, and I'll make that in my smoothie every day.

It is super healthy for you, loaded with probiotics, a great thing to have as part of your diet. But again, some people have tolerance.

I'm more tolerant of dairy.

Some people just don't have those tolerances.

Their body doesn't agree.

You can scratch that one off the list if you need to.

Things to avoid are all the processed foods you see sitting on the shelf in the center of the grocery store.

Things that can last for two years on a shelf may not be best for you.

There's a lot of preservatives put into food.

There are a lot of sneaky additives.

It could be better for you if you start reading something and can't pronounce half the words in there.

Trans-fats are hidden in foods.

This is high fructose corn syrup.

That is everywhere.

Linked to diabetes both of these are linked to causing diabetes and insulin resistance.

So avoiding processed foods is important.

Notice this list, and I'm not saying have a carb in your life because you'll get carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and certain dairy products. But eating from this menu of whole foods is going to be a lot healthier and a lot more sustainable for people long-term.

Living off processed junk will have effects like diabetes, increased cancer risks, strokes, and obesity. All these things go up when we eat a lot of this stuff.

So I try to eat from this menu as best I can.

I'm not perfect, and nobody is.

But do your best to try eating the foods from this menu and watch how your health improves.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton from The Chiropractic Place.


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*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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