Frequently Asked Questions

Do chiropractic adjustments help muscles?

Chiropractic adjustments can help the function and coordination of muscles by improving the joint range of motion and alleviating tension.

Why do bodybuilders need chiropractors?

Bodybuilders frequently utilize chiropractic care to keep their joints moving properly and help their muscles coordinate properly. Chiropractic care also decreases pain and improves many functions of our health.

Why is maintaining muscle strength important?

Maintaining muscle strength is important because losing muscle mass and strength can lead to early loss of life.



Importance Of Strength And Muscle Mass

Retaining muscle mass and strength is especially important as we age because it affects our health.

Studies have been done on this, and there's a 3.2 hazard ratio for all-cause mortality.

That means you're 3.2 times less likely to die from all causes of death if you have strength training and retain your muscle mass.

Biggest Fears

As we age, we know that one of the biggest fears for many seniors is falling and possibly breaking a hip.

We know that a lot of that is due to a loss of muscle mass, frailty, or losing balance, and a lot of that can be attributed to, hey, were they doing strength training?

What kind of balance training were we doing?

What were we doing to keep their muscle mass as they age?

There are protocols for this, and we can see that if we do this, it will majorly impact your overall health and well-being as you age.

And just three times a week, 30 minutes each session of resistance training, some kind of weight training, to help stimulate and retain muscle mass and keep our strength.

And there are different things, from learning how to do grip strength exercises to doing deadlifts or squatting.

Getting A Personal Trainer

There are a lot of different protocols.

If you're new to strength training, I recommend getting a personal trainer for a few months and getting introduced to this because it has a major effect on all-cause mortality.

That means all causes of death; you can reduce 3.2 times if you do this.

So that is something very important.

Also, just beyond the, hey, I'm going to reduce my chances of death, improve longevity, you're going to feel better at the moment, you're going to feel better every day because you're getting a form of exercise, something in your body needs.

There are a couple of reasons for chiropractic care, such as strength and muscle mass, which are related to what I do.

Keeps Your Nervous System Firing At Its Best

Number one, chiropractic care keeps your nervous system firing at its best.

When we adjust, we ensure that the signals from all the nerves go to all the places in our body.

One thing those nerves control is your muscles, so having to strengthen the muscles, coordination of the muscles is stimulated through the nerve system, and getting adjusted helps keep that system working at its best.

In addition, the strength training participants tend to stabilize better in my office.

They hold their chiropractic adjustments better and need less care over time because they're getting the exercise.

The muscles help hold that spine in the position we want to stay in.

This makes sense to you. It is very important, and hopefully, you can start implementing some kind of strength training in your life and reap the benefits.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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