Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the brain controls gravity?

Multiple areas of the brain work together to coordinate our body’s response to gravity.

Does gravity affect thinking?

Gravity affects our body’s function. Our body coordinates balance and movement through receptors that are directly influenced by gravity.

Is the mind a gravitational field?

The mind isn’t a gravitational field. Our bodies do create gravitational pull due to our mass.

How does gravity affect our life?

Gravity affects us in several ways. Our musculoskeletal development is based on our interaction with gravity. Without gravity, we begin to lose skeletal muscle and bone density.

How does chiropractic help balance?

Chiropractic can improve balance because a chiropractic adjustment restores proper motion to joints. Every joint has little receptors that communicate with the brain. These receptors send signals to the brain that help your brain coordinate balance and movement. The better the joints move, the better these receptors can send signals to the brain, and the better your balance and coordination will be.


Hello everyone, it's Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place. We're doing a video today on the brain and its relation to gravity. You might be asking why I'm doing this video. We see a lot of people who deal with neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain, and headaches, and it helps to understand where a lot of this stuff can arise and put your spine in bad positions so that you can trigger stuff like this. So it helps us understand what could be triggering that. So I like to review this stuff with my patients to understand better how their body works. The first thing is that about 90% of your brain's energy is used to coordinate your body in relation to gravity. So how we move and function within gravity and stay balanced, your brain uses a ton of energy. So understanding what your brain needs to keep you healthy is important.

So negative effects of sitting. If we sit all day, think about this is what your brain likes to do, it likes to coordinate how we move and how we function in gravity, and if you sit all day, you're taking away that desire the brain has to coordinate the body. So you take that away, you sit all day, your postural muscles will begin to shut off, you put about 50% more load on your spine when you sit, that means your neck, upper back, low back, all of those areas are taking a 50% increase in the load. So getting up and moving around, this is why it's so important to do, if you have a desk job or possibly introducing a sit-stand desk, so you have the option of standing. You can be at your workstation, kind of moving around and working while you're at work and not causing a lot of this long-term damage to your spine.

The other things, negative effects of flat ground, this might seem a little strange, but we're always kind of in flat environments now. We've made the world kind of that way. So getting on things like getting out for a hike on a trail that's not perfectly balanced, that's actually really good for your brain and your body, it stimulates an environment that's not perfect, and your body has to coordinate through that environment and work through that environment, really, really good for your brain, because it likes to do that.

So the last part, the chiropractic aspect is we make adjustments to the spine, we start correcting that, and we allow that spine to move properly. We start taking pressure off that nerve system, so those signals can go where they need to go, and coordinate your body. Your brain likes to send these signals, coordinate your body, and get things working properly. So chiropractic is a big component of keeping this functioning properly so that you can be healthier. But at work and in these environments, if you're at home, sitting too much or at work, think about the effect that not only has on your body, but that is shutting off a very big portion of your brain. Something your brain likes to do is coordinate movement and understand movement. That's what keeps your brain alert and active. So hopefully, this helps you understand a little bit more about what your brain wants to do and understand the effects chiropractic can have on your brain's coordination of your body. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

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*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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