Frequently Asked Questions

What is consistency in chiropractic?

Staying consistent with chiropractic care is essential in maintaining proper spinal health as we age.

Is it healthy to go to a chiropractor regularly?

Regular chiropractic care is healthy. Regular chiropractic care prevents spinal wear and tear, decreases pain, and helps maintain mobility.

What happens when you stop going to a chiropractor?

When you stop chiropractic care for long periods of time, spinal degeneration can’t accelerate. A flexible, healthy spine is essential as we age. Regular chiropractic care helps maintain the flexibility and mobility of your spine.

Can you have too much chiropractic care?

You can have too much chiropractic care. That is why it is important to talk to your chiropractor about your care plan.


This video is about something that's very important, that goes into every aspect of our lives, and that's consistency. Consistency is what makes a lot of things in our lives function properly when we stay consistent. We could be talking about finances, you can be talking about getting out of debt, and if you listen as I do, I love listening to Dave Ramsey. He'll tell you what you need to do is have a plan and stick to it. It's really easy to do, but a lot of the time, it's about 80%. When Dave's talking 80% behavior, 80% of getting out of debt is your behavior, your consistent behavior consistently choosing to pay that debt down, pay off your mortgage, whatever it is, it's the consistency that matters. And if you can have a plan and stick to it, you can be in a very good financial position in a few years, but you have to be consistent.

With dental care, this is an example I use a lot because it resonates with what I do as a chiropractor. Your dentist, you don't just go to your dentist and then leave and have nothing to do, your dentist wants you to brush your teeth, to floss twice a day, and your dentist wants to see you at least every six months for periodic cleanings and check-ups to make sure that you are taking care of your dental health, preventing problems, not treating problems. That's what most dentists want to do, is to keep you healthy, and how do we have good teeth? How do we do it? We have to stay consistent.

That is the keyword there, consistent. For food and exercise, nobody expects to go to the gym and train for three days and then be magically fit to drop 20 pounds. We all know if you stop training or eating a balanced diet, your body will start to revert back to wherever it was prior to your training and eating properly. The key here for food and exercise to living a healthy lifestyle is to stay consistent. We must stay consistent with these things to achieve what we want. We have to have a plan and stick to it. Just like Dave Ramsey says, with money. Now, how does that apply to chiropractic? Most chiropractors get checked about once a week. They get checked consistently. I, myself, get checked consistently. It's not because I have symptoms, it's not because I'm in pain, it's because I'm maintaining my spinal health and keeping my nerve system functioning properly. And the key to that is staying consistent. I have been under chiropractic care consistently since about the age of 19, that's when I really was introduced to chiropractic and started understanding the power that it had over my health, and then if I stayed consistent, I could function at a much higher level and stay healthy at a much higher level.

And many of my patients experience this now because I've been in practice since 2007. My patients who have been with me for the long haul understand and see the difference between their function and those of their friends, especially my patients who have gotten older, still have all of this function, and they're starting to see their friends struggle. And the difference is that they have been consistent with their chiropractic care. They didn't wait to treat symptoms and pain. They understood, much like they understand this with their dentist, that I have to be consistent to get the desired results. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

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*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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