Simple Ways to Decrease Stress

Here is a list of easy to implement stress reduction techniques. I hope this helps…

Relax Your Body
Your body is your temple and can easily get run down by stress, strain and struggle so:

* Get good sleep
* Chiropractic adjustments
* Massage
* Yoga
* Rigorous and regular exercise
* Eat Healthy Foods

Refresh Your Mind
Your mind is your guide, it can easily get distracted and off course so:
* Take long walks
* Spend time in nature the average person is outside only 17 minutes per day
* Read inspirational messages
* Learn new things
* Talk with a good friend
* Play with a dog or cat. Pet owners live longer and have fewer stress symptoms. * Therapy or personal coaching on a regular basis

Rejuvenate Your Spirit
Your spirit can easily be forgotten in the busyness of life so:
* Meditate 10-30 minutes per day
* Pray
* Sing & dance, people swear by the power of music to release tension and stress

* Consciously slow down
* Be fully present
* Know and live by your values and beliefs
* Surround yourself with supportive, loving and accepting people

Stress-Free Activities
* Connect with nature, it restores homeostasis to your system.
* Make a list of your favorite things. Read it when you feel down.
* Rely on friends and animals, they are great sources of support.
* Create a pleasure drawer. Stock your drawer with personal momentos or simple indulgences: favorite scents, textures and tastes to create your own multi-sensory stress-relief treatments. * Deep breathe. This will soothe your nerves, it sends oxygen to your brain and refreshes your mind. Inhale through your nose and count to 8. Fill your belly not your chest with air. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 10-15. Repeat 5-10 times per hour until you feel calmer. * Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for stress. Find humor in the situation. Smile often.
* Imagine. Use visualization and guided imagery to take your mind off the situation.

More Ways To Decrease Stress!

1. Yell! But—be sure you are alone. The best place is in the car with the windows up. Stuck in traffic? Try it.

2. Do something soothing. Start or try an activity like knitting, crochet or pottery. Don’t worry about being good at it. It’s the process that’s beneficial. Sitting still while performing repetitive movements is calming and stabilizing for many people. It can be a good time to collect your thoughts.

3. Start a garden. Even apartment-dwellers can do this. Tending plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and watching them grow, bloom or yield food is rewarding. Avid gardeners say working a garden is the best way to control stress and worry. An added benefit is the creation of a more beautiful, restful environment.

6. Gaze at the stars. Preferably in a still, dark and quiet area, sit back and observe the heavens. The vastness of space is awesome. This way can make a lot of problems seem very small.

7. Focus on the things you can change and do not worry about the rest

8. Eliminate stress by decreasing your activities and/or responsibilities

9. Do not over commit, manage your time, avoid rushing from place to place 10. Focus on the positive

11. Do not gossip

12. Be tolerant of others

13. Be giving & forgiving

14. Don’t speed

15. Turn off your TV, do not watch the news, read & play games instead

16. Hug at least 5 people a day


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