Frequently Asked Questions

How much downtime is healthy?

15-30 minutes a day of downtime is healthy. Cultures emphasizing adequate downtime have less stress and are less susceptible to stress-related diseases.

What is the power of downtime?

Downtime helps get you out of the fight or flight mode that happens when you are stressed. Downtime allows us to reset.

Is downtime a good thing?

Downtime is a great thing. Allowing our bodies time to rest is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

How long do you have to rest after a chiropractic adjustment?

Resting for a few minutes after a chiropractic adjustment helps the adjustment last longer. Active rest is the best form of rest after an adjustment. A five-minute walk after your chiropractic adjustment is essential to helping your spine stabilized.

Why do you have to rest after a chiropractic adjustment?

Active rest after a chiropractic adjustment. Helps your body process the adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments restore motion to spinal joints. A five-minute walk after a chiropractic adjustment helps those joints move properly.

What is Downtime?

Today's video is about something very important that many people have trouble with: finding downtime.

Downtime is a way for us to shut off everything that's going on in our lives and check in with ourselves and relax.

It's always going to have something.

There's always something that you need to do.

There will always be pressure on your schedule for you to get things done, and if we're constantly running, go, go, go all the time.

We're constantly in a state of stress.

Especially busy parents, working, having a marriage, you have kids and kids sporting events.

Things you want to do at your house, gardening, whatever it is, start taking up your time to where you could feel like you're always in a rat race, always spinning.

But it's very important to find downtime for yourself, for you to be healthy, to be well, to be your best.

Things To Do When In Downtime

Some good ideas and goals I tell my patients are to shift for at least 15 minutes daily to where they have some downtime.

Hopefully, you can do more than 15 minutes, that's a good start, but I'd like you to do more, try to find more time in your schedule that you make sacred for you to have some downtime.

It can be a number of things.

It can be a walk, and you may need to nap.

You could be doing some stretching, you could be swimming, or you want to do some reading to relax and have some time.

Have Time For Yourself

Another good thing is to recharge, have dinner with friends, have social time, and make sure that you're finding time for yourself and those other needs outside of all the busy things we do every day, every week.

One of the things that I noticed when my wife and I, in 2012, traveled to Argentina and Uruguay, we were down there for over two weeks.

It took about five or six days to slow down and calm down because, in those cultures, they're not typically in as big of a hurry as we are here in the United States.

Have Some Downtime Throughout Your Day

And that was something I remember from that trip.

When we came home, I talked to my wife, Shelly.

They do it right down here.

They take time during the day and always have downtime for themselves, but when you return to the States, you feel it.

You feel pressure to go, go, go, get things done.

And so, I learned a little bit from my trip.

We can impart some of that on our patients so that you can consistently have some downtime throughout your day built into where you value it.

So you don't sacrifice it for stuff, which is typical.

People start giving away their free time to get other things done, and you mustn't do that.

You must make this time sacred for yourself, just like the time with your family, that sacred time that you need to honor, and you need to keep that because those are the people with you along for the ride of your life.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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