Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is spinal movement important?

Spinal movement is important because the spine protects your nerve system. The nerve system controls the entire body. Without proper spinal movement, the nerve system doesn’t function at its best.

What is spinal motion?

Spinal motion is movement of the joints of the spine throughout the entire range of motion.

What is the function of the spinal process?

The function of the spinal process is to act as a lever to help move spinal bones. Muscles insert on the spinous process to pull and move the bones through their range of motion.

What ways does the spine move?

The spine bends forward, extends backward, rotates, and bends side to side. Each region of the spine has distinct looking bones with different movement capabilities.

Why spinal column is important for human movement?

The spine is the foundation of the human body. All limbs attach directly or indirectly to the spine. The spine also protects the nerve system, which controls and coordinates all movement.

What is spinal immobilization and why is it used?

Spinal immobilization is used if there are fractures and/or unstable injuries to the spine that require immobilization to heal.

What are the three main functions of the spine?

The three main functions of the spine are protection of the nerve system, foundation for the human body, and proper motion.

What protects the spinal cord?

The spinal cord is protected by the spinal bones.


Good morning, everybody, this is Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place doing another video. Today's video is a little bit different. We wanted to discuss some of the importance of the impact that chiropractic care can have not just on neck pain and back pain and headaches, but the overall impact it can have on the function of the human body. So what we like to do is explain to our patients, obviously, when they first come in, there's a lot of concern. If they're having headaches all the time, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, like pinched nerve stuff, whatever is going on, we wanna obviously address that issue and try to get them through that period, get them feeling better and get them functioning better. But along the way, we always wanna make sure we're educating our patients on the importance of routine chiropractic care from here on out. A lot of patients, they think once they come in and the pain is gone, that the care should end, that is not what chiropractors typically recommend for their patients or what they typically do for themselves, it would be no different than going to the dentist 'cause you have a cavity, having them fix the cavity and then saying, Okay, I'll see you if I get another cavity. No dentist would recommend that they would recommend ongoing dental maintenance coming in at least every six months for your check-ups, make sure you're brushing and flossing, taking care of your dental health.

Well, chiropractic care and spinal health is very similar to dentistry, where we want to see our patients when they come in, obviously address those concerns, but we also wanna make sure we make recommendations for ongoing chiropractic care to take care of your spine, because your spine, if neglected can wear out over time, and that chiropractic care can become less and less effective for patients that only utilize it on a pain relief basis. So this video today is designed to give people the overall big picture of why ongoing chiropractic care is so important. So the nerve system in our body is what controls everything, so our brain and our spinal cord and all the nerves that come out of there are what control and coordinate every function in your body. Literally, your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your immune system, your circulation, everything is tied to neurological control. So that's a very important concept for patients to understand, number one, the nerve system is in control of the body. The second thing that we discuss with our patients is that think of all of that stuff your brain has to do, think of literally every single function in your body being under neurological control and coordination, that's a lot of stuff happening every second.

So 90% of all that information that comes into the brain from the body comes from these things called Mechanoreceptors, and these are little receptors in the joints and the tendons that tell the brain where the body is in space. So 90% of information coming into your brain is movement-based, so a lot of your decisions by your brain is clearly based on how your body is moving. Well, that's a big number, and here's another big number, 80% of all of those Mechanoreceptors are in your spine. Think about that for a minute. If your spine isn't moving, think about the percentage of information that's supposed to be getting to the brain that may not be getting there, that's how big of an impact spinal motion has on the function of the human body is because most of the information coming into the brain comes from spinal motion, and that information also affects the output from the brain to the body, not just to the muscles, not just to the joints, but to the organs, believe it or not, how you move affects your organ health.

So this is why we'd like to review this with our patients, I understand they come in with neck pain, back pain, headaches and these other complaints, but it's very important that they understand how their body is gonna be impacted from chiropractic care long-term, if they make that choice moving forward to understand and utilize routine chiropractic care. So I liked shooting this video today just to give you guys that big picture, you can understand, just how important spinal motion is, just how important your routine chiropractic visits are, it's no different than you going to the dentist for your regular check-ups, you don't do that, you don't go to the dentist when your teeth hurt.

You wanna go to the dentist to maintain your dental health, the same thing is true with chiropractic, don't just come to the chiropractor when you're hurting, go in for regular maintenance, take care of your spine along the way. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

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*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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