Frequently Asked Questions

Can text neck be cured?

Text neck can be cured with the proper chiropractic care, stretches, strengthening exercises and neck traction.

What are the symptoms of text neck?

Neck and upper back pain, shooting pain down the arm, and headaches are all symptoms of text neck.

How long does it take for text neck to go away?

Text neck symptoms can take time to go away. It all depends on the patient’s commitment to their care plan.

Is text neck serious?

Text neck can be a sign of serious underlying spinal alignment issues that can lead to degenerative arthritis in the future.

Can a chiropractor fix text neck?

Chiropractors help patients with text neck all the time. They are skilled professionals that can help advise patients with text necks.

How common is text neck?

With the massive increase in the use of devices, text neck is very common.

Where is text neck pain located?

Text neck pain is usually located in the back of the neck, the upper back and sometimes shooting down the arm. Text neck can also cause headaches.


Hello everyone, this is Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place. Today, I'm gonna talk to you guys about text-neck. A lot of people are kinda walking around on their phones like this or constantly looking down, we're seeing more and more of this and we're seeing this type of neck presentation, so to speak, in even young kids, young adults, teenagers, because for years, if they get started early, we start seeing them looking down like this, doing stuff like that with their neck, and it creates this kind of stress in the neck. And especially when when we're growing and developing, when we're young, we're really... Our bodies are still growing when we're young, these curves are trying to develop as they grow, and if we're putting that abnormal amount of stress looking down, it's gonna change the curve in the neck.

If I'm from the side here, my curve should be like this, in my neck, and we're seeing I'm completely reversed in kids and adults now who are constantly looking down at a screen and not doing anything about it. So what we wanted to talk about is the kind of neck pain that these people have, upper back pain, it creates headaches because of the stress on the neck and the nerves coming out of that area that help go to the head, you can get shooting pains down the arm, it can create that pinch nerve, shoot down the arm type of feel.

The first thing that happens over time is people start to lose that curve in their neck, and then over time, that postural distortion that's happening, starts to create symptoms like neck pain, upper back pain and pinch nerves. Long-term, if we leave it like this, having a curve in your neck that is going the opposite direction creates a lot of abnormal stress on the bones in your neck, and if you leave it long term, it's gonna eventually probably lead to bone spurs and arthritis. Possibly degenerative disc disease in the neck. And this can create all kinds of problems long-term, because those issues once they set in, become progressive over time. They can get worse and worse and worse.

Chiropractic care is a definite solution here to this problem, because we... First and foremost, we have to start getting motion back into that neck, into that upper back. Get those joints moving properly, and once we get that neck pain or that upper back pain or that pinch nerve feeling better, we can start to begin to introduce rehabilitative exercises for the neck. Possibly doing some traction for the neck as well, to start creating that curve again, because if we catch it early in that early phase when it's just that curve reversal and the pain before there's damage like arthritis, we can start to reverse that process and get that neck back in the position it needs to be in.

Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense, you guys, we definitely... When you're using screens, we all do it, we've gotta be aware of our posture, and we also... When we're taking a break from these devices, we've gotta be aware that we've gotta stimulate those postural muscles, 'cause if we're always like this, your shoulders come forward, your neck is down, you're looking down, this is the worst posture you could possibly be in for your neck. We've gotta be up here, shoulders back and down, We want that neck upright looking forward like we're supposed to do.

Getting those adjustments from your chiropractor when you're dealing with text-neck, and you're getting that neck pain, getting that upper back pain or a pinch nerve coming down the arm, getting that chiropractic care can make a big difference and starting to get this neck moving properly again and hopefully get you back on that road to health and long-term recovery for this problem, I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with the chiropractic place.

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