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Why consistency is important in health?

Regular commitment to our health is the single most important factor in keeping our bodies healthy.

How do you stay consistent with health and fitness?

Schedule time to work out every day. Make that appointment with yourself non-negotiable.

How does chiropractic promote health?

Chiropractic care promotes health by keeping the spine and nervous system functioning at its best. The nervous system controls everything in your body. Regular chiropractic adjustments allow your nervous system to function at its best.



Key To Long-Term Health

Hello everybody, this is Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

Today's topic is consistency and health.

I was thinking about this this morning on my way to the office: what is the one thing that can make a long-term difference in people's health?

And that is consistency, and it doesn't matter if we're talking about your chiropractic care, exercise, drinking water, or brushing your teeth.

All of these things require consistency, a consistent dedication to them, for them to be beneficial, and all of them truly, if we stop doing them, especially stop doing them consistently, you're going to have negative effects on your health if we're only exercising once a month, and not getting exercise that's going to have a negative impact on your health, only go into the chiropractor one or two times a year when you have pain, that can have an effect on the long-term health of your spine, in your nerve system.

If we only brush our teeth occasionally, that's going to have a negative impact on our long-term oral health.

Not drinking water regularly will affect our blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Our bodies are 70% water; we need water consistently to function at our best.

Consistency is Key

So consistency is key, and it doesn't matter what aspect of your health we're discussing.

We need to be consistent.

It doesn't mean that your entire day has to be dedicated to your health, but there has to be a portion of it that is, whether that's, hey, I need to start stretching 10 minutes a day, or you know what, I need to be exercising 30 minutes a day.

Hey, I just got back from my dentist.

I didn't get the best report that I wanted, I need to focus on brushing my teeth twice a day.

Or I went to my chiropractor and took X-rays on my spine.

My spine is a lot worse than it was five years ago.

I have yet to go consistently, I need to prioritize this.

So consistency and all those examples are the key to making a difference long-term.

In every one of those examples, whether going to the dentist, exercising, or going to the chiropractor, sometimes the benefit of doing that consistently isn't seen till decades later.

You know, yesterday I was at Rare Air with my son.

I'm 42, about to turn 43, and I was jumping around like a madman playing dodgeball with him, and I realized, hey, there's not a lot of dads at my age that can still do that.

Number one, it made me grateful that I still have that level of function, and number two, it made me proud of my consistency with my chiropractic care, exercise, and diet.

The efforts I had made truly paid off because I could already see in my 40s the difference between me and many people in their 40s because of the consistency I've had since I was very young.

Focus On Getting Consistent

That's my point about today's video: focus on getting consistent with these health options and the choices we make with our health.

We don't have to get crazy intense for 60 days only to stop after that 60 days and go back to our old habits.

What we need is consistency.

We need a plan that you can do long-term.

Think about that whenever you're thinking about any aspect of your health.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


Call our office today to schedule an appointment to kickstart your healthy life: 530-221-8443



*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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