Frequently Asked Questions

Can chiropractors fix curves in the spine?

Regular chiropractic care can help restore proper spine curves and eliminate bad ones.

Can a curve in your spine be corrected?

Curves in the spine can be corrected with the proper care.

What causes a spine to curve?

Trauma, congenital anomalies, poor posture, and arthritis can all cause abnormal spinal curves.

How can I straighten my curved spine?

Proper chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises can help with a curved spine.

Does scoliosis worsen with age?

Scoliosis can worsen with age if degenerative changes occur. The most aggressive changes in scoliosis happen during childhood growth spurts.


Hello everyone. It's Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place, here in Redding, California. And today, I'm talking about spinal curves. The curves in our spine have major impacts on our health. Not just on neck pain, back pain, and headaches, but on how we function and how we live. They've actually done studies in journals to figure out the links between the curves in our spine and how it affects our health. First off, Hyperkyphosis, right? We've all seen people who are kind of hunched like this, and they have that spinal curve in their mid-back like that. That's called Hyperkyphosis. It is linked to higher mortality rates in older patients, meaning the more Kyphotic you are, the higher death rates we have in those older patients. Meaning these people with that problem are more likely to die than people of the same age with better posture, so we know that those curves. And we know what the spine protects, the spine protects our nerve system, and if we are Kyphotic like this, it puts a lot of tension and stress on our spinal cord, and the spinal cord is what carries signals from our brain to our body, to tell it how to function and what to do.

When we're like this, it's harder for those signals to get from the brain, down the spine, and out to the body, making it harder for us to function and thrive. So we know that part. The other thing they've done studies on, and several of these studies, is loss of the neck curve. The cervical curve can actually decrease vertebral-artery blood flow. The vertebral arteries come up in the neck and up the side, and they supply blood to the head and brain. If you have a loss of curve in your neck, you're affecting the blood flow to your brain. Think about that. These curves are having major impacts on major health centers of your body, not just neck pain, back pain, and headaches, but a loss of your cervical curve affects the blood flow to your brain, the organ that governs everything you do. So curves are very important. And this is why, in my office, we really stress to our patients the need for regular, routine chiropractic care, not just coming in when you're hurt, but keeping your spine properly aligned regularly, right?

No dentist wants to see you just when your teeth hurt. Your dentist wants to see you regularly to maintain dental health. The same thing is true in this office for chiropractic care. We want to see our patients regularly to maintain spinal health and especially healthy spinal curves because if we don't, we know what can happen. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

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