Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bed is best for the spine?

Beds must be built with proper support. Mattresses should have coils or micro coils built-in.

What kind of mattress do physical therapists recommend?

Chiropractors recommend beds that have proper support.

What is the best mattress for back and hip pain?

A mattress with coils or micro coils will support the back and hip much better than other mattresses.

Why does my bed hurt my back?

If your bed hurts your back, check to see if there is an indentation where you lay down. If so, it may be time for a new bed. Also, beds can be too soft or too firm depending on the individual.

How often should you change your mattress?

Good mattresses last about 7-10 years. If your mattress is over 10 years old or you see indentations where you lay down on your mattress, it may be time for a new one.

Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?

Memory foam mattresses must have coils or micro coils built-in or they will fail in a short amount of time. The mistake people make is they enjoy how comfortable the memory foam mattress is initially. Over time the memory foam will break down, especially for larger people.


Hello everyone, this is Dr. Aaron with The Chiropractic Place. Today's video is about beds. I get this question in my office a lot. Doc, when do I know I need a new bed? What is a good bed? What brand should I buy? So there's a lot of questions related to this topic, so I knew this would probably a good video that we should talk about with our potential patients and existing patients. So a lot of times with new beds, there's a lot of new materials coming out that may be comfortable for a couple of months, and then people start to realize, two, three months down the road, they're waking up in pain, they're having trouble staying asleep, 'cause their bed is wearing out quickly. So I wanna kinda go over some of those fundamentals and also go over what are some of the signs that we need a new bed. So first off, signs that you need a new bed, if you're seeing valleys in your bed, if you look at your bed, it should be flat, if you're seeing these indentations where you sleep, that bed is starting to fail and probably has failed. The other signs, waking up tired.

You're not feeling rested. Even though you say, I'm sleeping good through the night, I'm getting seven, eight hours of sleep, but I'm still waking up tired. Perhaps your body is not in a rested position when it's sleeping because you see indentations or valleys in the mattress. Waking up in pain, are you waking up and you feel stiff or do you have neck pain, Low back pain, mid-back pain. If you're waking up in pain, there is a chance that that mattress is failing and not giving you the proper support that you need. So, for when we're looking at the solution to this problem. What is a bed that I should be looking for? There are a lot of great brands out there, but I always tell my patients try to stick to the basics, you want something that has coils or micro coils in it. Straight memory foam on these other new products that are coming out that don't have... This is what supports your weight when you sleep, you need to have structural integrity of your mattress, something has to hold you up. I'm 185, 190lbs pounds, something has to hold that weight and memory foam over time will break down and not properly support you.

So I tell my patients, looking for some kind of a hybrid mattress that incorporates coils or micro-coils into it, it can have memory foam, but it needs to also have the support structures inside that mattress to support you. They had some great luck with beauty rest and Stearns and Foster, these are great mattresses, companies that have been around forever. Look into those, but make sure you're looking for something with a coil or a micro-coil, some people tend to sleep better with a firmer mattress, some people do good with medium, I'm not a big fan of soft or ultra soft because again, it's comfortable when you try it out, but 30 to 60 days down the road those usually start to break down and you can't replace it, sometimes after that, so better off spending the money on something that has coils or micro-coils. So remember those telltale signs, if you're waking up in pain, low-back pain, neck pain, mid-back pain, or you're waking up tired or you see indentations in your bed, it may be time to look at getting a new bed.

Hopefully, this video was helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding this give our office a call. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton, the Chiropractic Place.

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*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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