Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you go to a chiropractor?

You should go to the chiropractor more when you first begin treatment. It takes time for the body to heal and make positive changes to the spine. Usually, a patient has seen 2-3 visits a week for the first month in order to make lasting changes. When the chiropractor determines the patient's spine is stable, the frequency of care is reduced.

What does a chiropractic adjustment do?

A chiropractic adjustment restores proper motion to the spine and removes pressure from the nerve system. This removal of pressure allows the nerve system to send proper signals to the organs, tissues, and cells of the body, allowing the body to function at its best.


Hello everyone, this is Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place, doing another video this week about why you should give us a try, why try us, and why give The Chiropractic Place a chance? And so we compiled a few things on here that we think really highlight our unique propositions to our patients, which kind of set us apart from our competition. And one of the things, first and foremost, is transparency. You can go onto my website or call my office, and you will be told our prices immediately. There are no secrets here, and there's no bait and switch. There's no high-pressure sales situation you'll encounter in my office. Our consult, our exam, includes all the x-rays you would need and your adjustment that first visit, everything included is only $99, and after that, all of our prices are right on our website. We communicate that with our patients, so there are no surprises when you come here.

You're going to come here, get information about what's going on with you and how we can help you, and there won't be any surprise charges that show up magically on that day. Affordability, as I said, our prices are right there. We try to keep it very affordable and accessible for our patients; a key to our practice model is that we want to have a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime. We want to be able to provide your chiropractic care throughout your life and chiropractic care for that your family and your friends. And so, we feel that just being honest and upfront and transparent helps us do that and build that relationship long-term. People love that after their first visit, after that first appointment, where we sit down, and we gather all that information, figure out what's going on with x-rays, get you adjusted for the first time, after that first visit, you don't need an appointment to come in here.

People love in this practice that they can come in on a Wednesday at 2 o'clock or a Thursday at 4 o'clock, and they're going to be able to get the adjustment they need to help keep their spine healthy and keep their nerve system firing properly. So, the ability to continue, honestly, ties into these first two that we're very transparent, were very affordable, and the third one is well, we're very accessible. So it gives the patient, you, the ability to continue chiropractic care. So, we try to remove as many barriers as possible to help you come into the office to get that chiropractic adjustment you need. And let's make it very easy for you. So, you're more likely to continue with your chiropractic care, continue with our maintenance recommendations to help prevent any future problems down the road, and keep you functioning at your best.

And ongoing education, we try to educate our patients about the importance of taking care of their spine and how it protects your nerve system. The nerve system governs everything our body does, and if we keep our spine moving properly and healthy, we can prevent a lot of future problems down the road, not just back pain, neck pain, and headaches, but problems with organs. If those nerves get compressed and start pinching on the nerves that go to your, say, your heart or your lungs or your liver, you might begin to affect the function of that organ, and we'd rather prevent that from happening by continuing with ongoing chiropractic care.

So hopefully, this video helps you understand why you may want to give the chiropractic place a shot and what makes us distinct and separate from the competition in our area. If you have any questions about chiropractic care, please call our office. I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment to kickstart your healthy life: 530-221-8443

*The transcription is auto-generated by a program and may not be accurate. In order to ensure you get all the information from the video properly, you must watch the video.


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