Frequently Asked Questions

Is debilitating a disability?

A debilitating condition can be a disability. Over 50% of debilitating conditions reported by older adults are musculoskeletal conditions.

What is an example of a debilitating?

A debilitating musculoskeletal condition can be chronic low back pain, degenerative disc disease, and spinal arthritis. There are many examples.

Can nervous system dysfunction be treated with chiropractic adjustments?

Chiropractors are concerned about spinal and nervous system health. Regular chiropractic adjustments can impact your overall health.



When I first saw this statistic, I was actually blown away as well.

This is a staggering number that people are dealing with as they get older, and it is that musculoskeletal conditions are more than 50% over half of all the debilitating conditions that older adults report.

What Is a Debilitating Condition?

So debilitating, meaning-affecting their day-to-day life, affecting their quality of life, affecting their enjoyment of life, that's staggering that over half of that comes from these musculoskeletal conditions.

As a chiropractor, I've been doing this for over 17 years now, and I've been preaching to my clients that you want to undergo chiropractic regularly, just like you want to exercise regularly, just like you want to have the dentists check your teeth regularly.

It's the things you do proactively that have the biggest impact on your long-term health, and chiropractic care is one of those things that can really impact spinal health, the health of your nervous system, and how your entire body functions.

Difference in Quality Of Life

That's why the patients that I see, and I've seen this for over 17 years, the patients that have been coming in regularly that entire time have reported a significant difference in their quality of life compared to their friends.

For example, I have a patient who's been with me since the beginning of my practice, since the first year, which has been 17 years.

That individual is now 80 years old.

He still can chop firewood by hand, he still works outside in his backyard, he still does all these things at 80 years old, and his friends, who he has been trying to convince for years and years to go to their chiropractor regularly, have not listened to that message.

And he keeps telling me just the difference in his function in the quality of life versus his friends who will not commit to doing that.

So chiropractic care could be a major thing for people, possibly avoiding this category as they get older, and the way to do that is to utilize chiropractic care consistently to maintain the spine to keep your body functioning at its very best your entire life.

I'm Dr. Aaron Seaton with The Chiropractic Place.


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